FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

WoW Resources

Here are some useful websites that I utilize to perfect my characters.

They are all free to use, and extremely useful!


Wowhead is the greatest database in all of Azeroth. It has detailed listings of NPCs, Mobs, items, and so much more. The blog posts are usually top quality, and the Comments from the user community carry the same tag.

wowwiki_logo WoWWiki is the ultimate source for Warcraft Lore. Not only does it have all the history you could imagine about the world of Azeroth, but what I use it for most is Reputation guides. It is also a great reference for stat weights, where to find weapon masters for the weapon you want to use, and you can edit pages like Wikipedia to add anything it’s missing!

tclogo Talentchic shows you what the most common talent spec is for your class. It’s been very helpful to me in deciding what talent points are an absolute necessity for my shaman and druid.

mmochamplogo MMO-Champion is like having an insider in Blizzard! They are able to detail Blue posts from the WoW official forums, show Test Realm patch notes, and have so much more undocumented information. Usually, when you are seeing preview info from any WoW website, MMO-Champion is their source, whether they disclose it or not.

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