FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Category: Reviews


The Talos Principle is not your average game, to put it simply. Most games you see today are fantasy games, shooter games, MMOs, or RPGs. The Talos Principle however, does not cater to the average Call of Duty player, but instead calls to it a smaller cadre of gamers; the ones who seek more from […]


Defiance is a new MMO from the creators Trion Worlds, which are known for their fantastic MMO, Rift. Defiance is a behind the shoulder MMO shooter. The game takes place in the future of a terraformed Earth. Aliens called the Voltans came to Earth to seek a new home when their world was no longer habitable. […]


The days of paying monthly for a game have waned on me over the years with the introduction of quality free-to-play and non-monthly MMO games.  The trick of it is that even though I don’t obligate myself to pay Riot every month, for example, to play League of Legends, I’ve probably spent more on them […]


Unleashed As we all know by now Guild Wars 2 has finally arrived, and I bet if you are like me you are pretty excited about it. For those who do not know anything about Guild Wars or what it is I will start out by telling you a little bit about it. Guild Wars […]


As a pretty huge Game of Thrones fan, last week I decided to show a friend the first episode of season 1. We continued to watch the entire season in one sitting. While on my Game of Thrones high, I started playing some Minecraft, went to Google, and searched “Game of Thrones Minecraft” to see […]