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It is Thursday May 9th and this is your Weekly Gaming News for the week, let’s get started! Arcane Saga Arcane Saga has gone into beta for all to try. Arcane Saga is an updated/relaunch of Prius Online. Anyone interested in checking this game out or if you played Prius Online and want to check […]

With the release of the newest Diablo 3 patch, 1.08, there were very high hopes that the update would invigorate new interest in one of the most anticipated games of 2012. Unfortunately for Activision/Blizzard, there was a major oversight in the RMAH gold sales code that allowed thousands of players to dupe gold. On the […]

Welcome to the May 3rd’s week news in gaming, let’s get started! The Secret World Celebration Weekend This weekend TSW is having a celebration. Players will be able to earn an extra ability point, every time they earn an ability point. Also if you can recruit your friends into buying TSW, you will gain a month […]


Defiance is a new MMO from the creators Trion Worlds, which are known for their fantastic MMO, Rift. Defiance is a behind the shoulder MMO shooter. The game takes place in the future of a terraformed Earth. Aliens called the Voltans came to Earth to seek a new home when their world was no longer habitable. […]

Neverwinter Online – Early Access For those who became Founding members of Neverwinter online, today is your lucky day. If you did not already know Neverwinter is gearing up for open beta. This open beta for non-members will start on April 30th but for you members it starts today. There will be no wiping characters […]