FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

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The Secret World is a fantastic game and one that everyone should experience. When starting out, the game can seem a little confusing, so I am putting together some Secret World “Tips and Tricks” to remember when starting out. 1. Choose a Faction There are three Factions in the game – Illuminati, Templar, and Dragon. […]

This is the conclusion of our WesterosCraft Scavenger Hunt guide, as there are currently only 20 clues. Clue 15 has steered us to a large hall. A very large hall. Hmm, nothing in the Great Hall in Winterfell. A quick check of Harrenhall and WOW that hall is huge. Our next clue is inside the […]

The clues are now more centered around obscure lore that only huge fans of ASOIAF would be able to figure out. Or Google. What’s so interesting about the scavenger hunt is not finding the clues themselves, but delving more into the world of Westeros, Essos, and their inhabitants. Clue 10 left us with a hint […]

Welcome to the WesterosCraft Scavenger Hunt guide for clues 6-10. In clue 5 (Where the Imp sleeps with the sky) we are sent to the Eyrie, where Tyrion Lannister was held captive by Lady Stark in the book and TV series.  I recommend if you have not climbed the Eyrie, it is quite fun. “/warp […]

One of the more enjoyable ways to see all the sites in WesterosCraft is to do their Scavenger Hunt! Now, you can follow our series of guides but I want to note two tidbits. One, it is more fun to do it on your own with your own research! Two, they can change this, live, […]