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The Talos Principle is not your average game, to put it simply. Most games you see today are fantasy games, shooter games, MMOs, or RPGs. The Talos Principle however, does not cater to the average Call of Duty player, but instead calls to it a smaller cadre of gamers; the ones who seek more from […]

Check out my youtube page at where I do lets plays and commentary of different games. New Episodes Daily! Check it out and please like and subscribe to stay up to date on new videos. Player 4 Episode 2

This Weeks Humble Weekly Sale gets Serious. With like every Humble Bundle, paying the average price (currently at the time of this writing $4.27) will net you every game available in the sale. This time around paying above the average will net you all the current Serious Sam games. All funds will go toward Croteam, […]

Tera Online Tera Online will be allowing server transfers till June 11th. After the 11th you will have to pay to transfer servers. Neverwinter Online Neverwinter Online will be coming out of Open Beta and into Live Status starting June 20th. The launch will see new content released for level 60 characters. Neverwinter will also […]

Here are some nice sales going on this weekend, May 31st. Xbox 360 Xbox has Dark Souls and Darkstalkers: Resurrection for $9.99 until June 4th. Also you can pick Ghost Recon Future Soldier for $15. You can get Darkstalkers on the PS Network as well for $15 and get Super Puzzle Fighter 2 Turbo HD […]