FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

May Elohim Guide Us All

The Talos Principle is not your average game, to put it simply. Most games you see today are fantasy games, shooter games, MMOs, or RPGs. The Talos Principle however, does not cater to the average Call of Duty player, but instead calls to it a smaller cadre of gamers; the ones who seek more from the game than the cheap thrill of a shooter. 


Perhaps piggybacking off the success of games like Portal and the ridiculously fun sequel, The Talos Principle is a puzzle game at the core. More than that, it is a search for the meaning and ultimate purpose of the worlds in which you solve those puzzles. It has breathtaking scenes in which the game takes place, and the puzzles themselves are very stimulating to the brain. 


The game also doesn’t follow a linear path. There are countless ways to solve each puzzle, so there is no “right way.” The plot is intriguing and, as stated previously, the non-linearity of the game adds an immense amount of replay value, ensuring that you will get hours of enjoyment from this game. While playing The Talos Principle, you get a constant sensation of being watched. You also feel that every action you perform has consequences, be them good, bad, or completely irrelevant. Any game that has the ability to immerse a gamer with such depth and reality is to be applauded.


Throughout the game you really feel like you have one of two paths to take; blind obedience to your Creator (named Elohim, of course), or you can start to ask questions like,”Who are you?”, “Who am I?”, “Where am I?” or “Why am I here?” Those questions and the decisions to ask them are what makes this game so intellectually stimulating; the fact that nothing about this game is black and white. The game takes place in the grey area between certainties. If you are a hardcore shooter fan and dislike other genres however, then this game isn’t for you. But if you enjoy games like Portal, The Stanley Parable, or Half Life (to a lesser extent), then there is a good chance you will find this game more than worth the money.