FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Weekly Gaming News – May 24th

We are back with a new Weekly Gaming News, lets get started.


Bungie has released a new trailer for their upcoming MMO type console game Destiny.

Check out the trailer here and stayed tuned for more information on Destiny when E3 approaches.


Defiance on SyFy will be showing all six episodes in series so far on Monday for Memorial Day. Also you can pick up the game on Steam at a discounted rate or play the game free starting today Friday May 24th to Sunday  May 26th.

Final Fantasy 14

Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn is set to launch on August 27th for both PS3 and PC. Existing customers of Final Fantasy 14 1.0 will be able to download the game for free when it releases and those who own the CE addition of Final Fantasy 14 1.0 will get all the perks of the new FF ARR CE excluding the physical items that come with it.

Squire-Enix did release a new trailer to show of more of the game and celebrate the announcement of the release date.






Xbox One 

Microsoft has displayed their new Xbox called Xbox One. This is an all in one gaming console combining TV, Music, Video, Apps, etc.. together on one system. It will utilize Kinect 2.0 and be able to recognize the user much better, with better movement tracking then with the current Kinect. Each console will come with a Kinect which will be mandatory to use the console along with mandatory game installs to the HDD. Xbox One will release later this year.

I will have my two cents regarding what was shown off by Microsoft in an upcoming article.







Turtle Beach

Turtle Beach will be manufacturing a line of gaming headsets for the Xbox One console. The new console will not come packaged with a headset like the 360 did as all Xbox One consoles will come with a Kinect for voice chat. This will be a lucrative market for Turtle Beach and with the new controller allowing for stereo headset this will be prime for Turtle Beach and the Xbox market.

Capcom Arcade Cabinet

Capcom has released the full arcade cabinet collection for sale on Xbox Live for 2000 MS points ($30). This includes all 17 Capcom arcade classics like Ghouls and Ghosts and Gunsmoke. The $30 price point is cheaper then buying them separately as they had it before. So if you held out on buying the Capcom Arcade Cabinet Classics, now would be a good time.

Xbox One Box Art

Major Nelson has shown off the how the new Xbox One boxes will look by showing off the new Forza Motorsports box art for Xbox One. With the dark green case and Xbox One with symbol all in white, it is a very slick design for the next generation of gaming. Take a Look

Green Man Gaming Weekend Sale

Green Man Gaming has some great sales going on throughout the weekend. Tomb Raider for $16.99 or the new Sim City for $39.99, plus more.

Check out some great Weekend Deals