FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

The Secret World – No Longer A Secret

The Secret World has released, well it released July 3rd.  I have been playing the secret world (TSW) for awhile now and all I can say is wow, not world of warcraft. It is far from any MMO that you will play today. Set in modern times with investigation mission which make you think. Think of these missions as puzzles or they may even remind you of old point and click adventure games, which is kind of what this game reminds me of. These investigation missions can be hard and some can be long but they make you think outside the box. The game has an in game browser in which you can use to look up bible verse or fake websites created by the game makers to investigate and further your progress in these missions.

Of course you will come across your standard fetch and klll quests but the investigation missions are were the game really sets itself apart as far as questing goes. The combat is a hit or miss, with some liking it and finding it enjoyable and other not so much. Myself, I find the combat to be standard but with deep pockets. If you look at the surface of combat you will find your standard fare but if you dwell deeper in the ability wheel and combination of passive and active skills you can find richness filled with complex combinations.

The game is subscription based and seems to have a robust population of players. There is a lot to be had in the secret world and it is an extremely new experience in a sea of same ol` same MMO’s. There are a few bugs and things that Funcom does need to work out but they have been good with putting patches out (2 so far this month) and every month they will be releasing new game content packs for free. I will continue to post more about TSW and my exploits, as well as the monthly packs that release. 

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