FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Patch 3.2 PTR Build 10433 Elemental Shaman Changes

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some major Ele Shammy changes. The new PTR build has a couple notable changes that I’m looking forward to.

  • Flame Shock now deals 834 Fire damage over 18 sec at max rank. (Up from 556 fire damage over 12 sec) Lower ranks increased accordingly.
  • Lava Burst no longer consumes Flame Shock.

Currently the Glyph of Flame Shock makes it last 18 seconds and prevents it from being consumed by Lava Burst. This glyph is being changed to allow your Flame Shock ticks to be critical strikes. Now, what’s interesting is that this change is already accomplished by the T8 2-set bonus.  I imagine that the set bonus will not change, and will not stack. This allows you to either use Glyph of Lava, if you are still in T8, or switch to the new Glyph of Flame Shock, if you are in almost full T9.