FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

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The Shamanism talent has been increased for Lightning Bolt from 10% to 15%. Lava Burst is staying at 20%.

Blizz has confirmed that the set bonus on T8 will not be changed.  Also, they are not lowering the overall damage of Flame Shock after all, but increasing the duration by 6 seconds (2 more ticks). Huzzah!

It’s been awhile since we’ve had some major Ele Shammy changes. The new PTR build has a couple notable changes that I’m looking forward to. Flame Shock now deals 834 Fire damage over 18 sec at max rank. (Up from 556 fire damage over 12 sec) Lower ranks increased accordingly. Lava Burst no longer consumes […]

Good news is we got a new server and everything is up and running! Bad news is I didn’t properly back up my posts, so I have to add them again using old Google caches (thanks Google!). I’ve restored some of it, but basically anything posted before October 2008 was gone, even comments.