FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Shaman T8.5 PTR Gear Changes

Much to my dismay, it appeared as though the T8.5 for Elemental Shaman was going to have a lot of MP/5 (which is basically useless for us, even more so with Chain Heal nerf). Blizzard has come through and listened to the community (or always planned it and updated the gear!) but all that MP/5 is now Crit and even better, pure Hit Rating.

This is a truly fantastic change, my gear spreadsheets will no longer have cloth items for Helm/Chest. The best part about the new stats is with all this Hit Rating, we can actually choose a different trinket than +Hit and still be hit-capped. There are still some items that are better as Cloth but personally I don’t like being seen in Cloth.

Link courtesy mmo-champion Elemental T8.5

Edit: It looks pretty wicked.