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This week I’m working on leveling up my awesome drood, and just hit 73.  On my shaman I made sure to do the quest achievements as I leveled up so I didn’t have to do them later. Doing the same thing now on my druid, but I know it’s not the fastest way to level.  […]

Wrath of the Lich King has brought hundreds of exciting new quest lines, done in more detail than ever before. Not just in lore, but in the immersion of the player in the quest.  The days of retrieving or slaughtering X number of Y are not gone, but they have certainly evolved. My Shaman, Psionic […]

“Possible Spoiler Alert” When we left off I was on my way to the library. Well, the library ended up being a lot easier than I figured it was going to be. When I entered the library, I was greeted by a scholar of sorts and the mighty Brotherhood of Steel. Instead of just killing […]