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The Instance podcast recently released info on the new Dell/Blizzard box. For info on that, visit Basically, it’s a laptop that’s semi-customized for you and you get a bunch of Blizzard goodies. But here’s what takes the cake! gets the item data from for your toon, and turns it into 3d Figurines. […]

For those of you who know me, I don’t make a very good Blogger, and usually if I write something long that’s worth reading I spend quite a bit of time on it. Therefore, if any of you are interested in being an Editor here, go ahead and sign up and I’ll get in touch […]

Me and my friend Nick started a web comic more than 5 years ago and it lasted all of a month. We left the site up though for several years and then let it go, it has since been bought by a link farm. Been looking for a place to put these, and this is […]

Some L70 highlights from the WoW Career of Psionics, simply for my personal pleasure! Click the images to see enlarged versions. Psionics’ Netherwing Mount Peanut, with a Mini Psi Marauders Down Gruul All-Druid WSG, we won too! Dar gets 1-shot in TK, lol! Druid is #1 DPS on Gruul, around 970 DPS

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