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Check out my youtube page at where I do lets plays and commentary of different games. New Episodes Daily! Check it out and please like and subscribe to stay up to date on new videos. Player 4 Episode 2

Tera Online Tera Online will be allowing server transfers till June 11th. After the 11th you will have to pay to transfer servers. Neverwinter Online Neverwinter Online will be coming out of Open Beta and into Live Status starting June 20th. The launch will see new content released for level 60 characters. Neverwinter will also […]

E3 E3  is coming up in a few weeks, starting on June 10th. We will be posting one more Weekly Gaming News on June 6th and then will be covering E3. Check out the site for news and announcements relating to everything E3. Rift Weekend From May 30th to June 3rd anyone who has purchased […]

Microsoft recently showed off their new Xbox One All-In-One Multimedia Gaming Device to the world on May 21st. This new console from Microsoft showed off how this device can be the all-in-one approach to media in your living room. They demoed how you will be able to interact with others through Skype or even be able to […]

Rift MMO by Trion Worlds is going Free to Play on June 12th. There will be a subscription model and a free to play model but all content will be available to those who choose to stay free. For More Information about this Free to Play Conversion, Visit: Rift