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Weekly Gaming News – April 25th

Neverwinter Online – Early Access

For those who became Founding members of Neverwinter online, today is your lucky day. If you did not already know Neverwinter is gearing up for open beta. This open beta for non-members will start on April 30th but for you members it starts today. There will be no wiping characters out during this beta before release time, so what ever character you make, you will be able to continue on when the game releases.

For more information or to become a member, check out: Neverwinter Online 

Xbox 720

The next Xbox will be reveled on May 21st 2013. You will be able to watch the stream on several online gaming new outlets or on Spike TV.

Event starts on May 21st at 10 AM EST

Skyrim Legendary Edition

Skyrim is coming out with a legendary edition of the game. This will include all the expansion packs all in one place. This Edition will be coming out in June 4th to NA and June 7th to Europe of this year and will be on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.


Nintendo at E3

Nintendo will not be holding a press conference this year at E3. Instead they will be hosting smaller events in light of a bigger event in which they have done every year prior. These events will showcase to the US market and US investors. With the Wii U not doing so well, especially in the states, this may be one way Nintendo is trying to show us that they are still an important part of this gaming generation.

Origin Sale

Origin has put some nice games on sale this week. Games are showcased at “up to 50%” off and such games as Battlefield and Tomb Raider are on this list.

For the full list, check out: Origin Sale

Metro: Last Light

Metro: Last Light has gone gold, which means that it is done and ready to ship. The game will be released on May 14th.

LOTRO Helms Deep Expansion

LOTRO will be releasing a new expansion Helms Deep for Fall of 2013. Turbine will be releasing a new level cap of 95, among other things including expanding the story line.

For more information, follow this link: Helms Deep

Steam and Subscription MMOs

Steam will be introducing Subscription based MMOs to their platform. One such MMO being first presented will be the newly released Darkfall Unholy Wars. On Steam you will be able to sign up for the subscription as well as managing recurring payment through the steam platform.

For more detail, check this out: Steam

Injustice Gods Among Us

From now until May 4th, you can purchase Injustice at Toys R Us for only $35. That’s a great deal from what I have heard to be a great game.

Pick It Up: Toys R Us Injustice Deal