FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Guild Wars 2 – Mini Review


As we all know by now Guild Wars 2 has finally arrived, and I bet if you are like me you are pretty excited about it. For those who do not know anything about Guild Wars or what it is I will start out by telling you a little bit about it. Guild Wars 2 (GW2) is an MMORPG developed by ArenaNet and published by NCsoft. It takes place on the continent of Tyria and focuses of the struggle between the races and the god-like dragons. These dragons have risen to take over Tyria and it is up to the leaders of each race to hunt this evil down, of course with your help.


Races of Tyria

You play as one of the 5 different races, Human, Norn, Charr, Sylvari, and the Asura. Each race has their own characteristics and starting locations but you can join up with your buddies at any time (I will go over that in a bit). Once you choose your race you are able to customize your character with some good detail.  It provides sliders to adjust things like cheek size and nose length but not to the fullest that I have seen in other games. Then of course you get to choose your profession; Engineer, Necromancer, Thief, Elementalist, Warrior, Ranger, Mesmer, Guardian. Then you create your own personal story and off you go out into the great world of Tyria.

Like I said before, each race has their own starting zones but you can join up with your buddies at any time. One of the nice things about GW2 is that if you are level 20 and your buddy is level 12 for example, you can go to their area and help them level and do quest. You also will be allowed to get experience and do quests with them because the game will scale you down to their level. Meaning, you will get the same experience as your friend even though you may be much higher level.

The Little Things

I started my quest as a Sylvari Guardian in the Caldon Forest. The Sylvari look like a cross between a human and a plant but they are a mysterious and new race to the guild wars lore. The Guardian class grants the abilities to defend and buff yourself and others but at the same time put out some high DPS. You go through different story quests that are tailored to the options you choose during character creation. These scene are played out with you or others talking amount one another with a sort of painted, moving background behind you. The pace of the game is very quick, you start out in one location and the next thing you know you are delved into the storyline. Leveling is evenly paced so it makes the journey very nice to take along with the breathtaking visuals.

Guild Wars 2 is a very good game and if you were thinking about maybe picking it up, well then pick it up. If you are still on the fence about the game well then stay tuned and I will have another review coming soon!

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