FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Choose Your Champion

League of Legends is an online, multiplayer, team-based PVP game that pits you against worldwide opponents for the battle of your Nexus’s, and I freaking love it! Each match, you can choose from a long line of noble champions to take into battle. You have support classes, such as healers and tanks, as well as dps classes such as mages and rangers. What’s great about league is every champion is like their own class, with different skills you have to perfect.

During a match, which typically lasts 20-40 minutes, you level up from 1 to a cap of 18. The goal of the game is to destroy the opposing teams’ Nexus. Each team has minions that attack using the lanes on the map. To get to the Nexus, you and your minions must destroy enemy towers along the way. Be careful though! If you attack enemy champions around their tower, the tower will switch targets from your minions, to you. Early game this can go very badly but usually by levels 8+ you can “tower-dive” an enemy to secure a kill without too much worry about the tower.

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You are the summoner, and level up independently of the matches you play. The level cap is 30, and only takes about a month to reach depending on how often you play matches. The matches themselves give you experience, more for winning. By increasing your summoner level, new spells are available to you for your matches and skill points for your talent tree. You can change your talents, called Masteries in League, any time except for during a match, at no cost. In addition to experience, you gain “Influence Points,” which are like gold for buying new champions.

Even with extensive gameplay, I have not encountered many bugs, except for in the interface itself before a match. The store does not like to stay on the same page when you click back to it (this is where you purchase champions.) The store also has skins, but these cost real money. The skins are only a status and style option, they do not benefit a champion’s skills.

My favorite champions so far are Rammus, Annie, Teemo, and Fiddlesticks.

Rammus is a tank, and late-game gets really, really hard to kill. He has a spinball which allows him to move quickly across the map, and an extremely useful taunt, some believe a little too overpowered. He is frequently banned from play in Ranked games.

Annie is a young girl who carries around a stuffed bear with her at all times. She is a very powerful fire mage, as enemies quickly learn, but is squishy as well. Every champion receives an Ultimate spell at level 6, and hers is ultimate indeed. She transforms her little toy into a giant bear that does AOE damage to opponents and hits them as well. Tibbers, as he is called, in combination with Annie’s innate stun abilities, can be very deadly indeed.

Teemo is a favorite of many players, for a variety of reasons. He has some really neat skins, funny voice, can be built for either physical dps, or magic, and through the use of his Ultimate, map control. Teemo can lay mushrooms, every thirty seconds, and after a few minutes of this, it allows your team to get a good idea of where the enemy is. This helps prevent ganks, promote ganking them, and if you get lucky, an escaping enemy will run right into your stealthed shrooms and overdose.

Fiddlesticks seems to be loved or hated. If you’re good with him, you love him. I don’t play him as much, as he has been nerfed again as of late, but he is still good with a skilled player. He can drain an enemy’s health and transfer it to himself. What’s really fun about Fiddle is his Ultimate, called Crow Storm. It is a massive AOE damage centralized on Fiddle and moves with him, allowing you to chase down an enemy and use your spells as it channels.

I hope you all give League a chance, it really is worth the time. And that’s all it takes too, League of Legends is 100% free, unless you start buying skins!