FRIDAY, JULY 01, 2022

Fallout 3: Drama Continues in the Waste

“Possible Spoiler Alert”

When we left off I was on my way to the library. Well, the library ended up being a lot easier than I figured it was going to be. When I entered the library, I was greeted by a scholar of sorts and the mighty Brotherhood of Steel. Instead of just killing me and asking questions later, they pondered why I was there. I told them that I was a scholar myself and had come to bask in the fine books of knowledge that the library held. Knowing full well that after an apocalypse little if any books would still exist.

The BOS scholar asked me to collect and bring her any pre-war books that I may come across in the library as well as anywhere else. I agreed and went along to do my business. Once done there I finished that quest and headed off to Rivet City in search of an Android. In my search of finding anyone that may know anything about this android, I did happen to run across a man by the name of Mr. Zimmer. He happened to be the androids’ maker and wanted his investment back, with my help of course. I agreed and went off to find out more about this android.

Later in my search I was cornered by a lady claiming to be a part of some movement. She wanted me to tell Mr. Zimmer that I had found the android dead and to show him a piece that she provided that came directly from the android itself. I agreed and told Mr. Zimmer that I found the android dead and showed him the proof. Very displeased, Mr. Zimmer decided that my evidence was conclusive and proceeded to head back to his hometown in a mood of anger and disappointment. I never got to meet the android myself who was very much alive as you know. I hope that maybe one day I might be able to head back to that town and meet the “man” whose life I saved.

As I made my departure I remember a letter that a young lady back in Megaton wanted me to deliver to her family. I forget the name of the town but my next task is going there and when I get there, you will know. So until next time wastelanders, what adventure will unfold? Stay tuned…